Local GSAs

“Outing” is the act of disclosing an LGBT person’s sexual orientation or gender identity without that person’s consent. In this case, we value the privacy and safety of all groups and their members. The information provided is what each group has consented for Queer Community Allies to display on our website as of 10 November 2020. Other organizations, groups, or individuals may not recreate or copy/paste/reformulate this information without first obtaining consent from the GSAs listed.

  • American Fork High School GSA (Shelly Hancock
  • Mountain View High School GSA (Advisor: Josephine Clark
  • Pleasant Grove High School GSA (Mr. Scott Healy)
  • Provo High School GSA (Jessica Theurer)
  • Skyridge High School GSA (
  • Timpanogos High School GSA (website for more information:
  • Utah County Academy of Sciences PRISM ( and advisors)
  • Westlake High School GSA (Cathy Miner

At this time, non-curricular clubs (including GSAs) are not permitted in junior high schools or elementary schools in our area. For more information, visit:

  • (Utah Code Title 53G, Chapter 7)
  • (Alpine Policy No. 5530 School Clubs)
  • (Provo Policy No. 3540 Secondary School Clubs)
  • (Jordan Policy No. AA443 Student Clubs)

*If you are a parent or teen looking for other GSAs besides those listed, reach out and ask! We currently are in contact with 13 high school GSAs/clubs across Utah and south Salt Lake counties.