Welcome to Queer Community Allies! We are a unique 501(c)(3) organization that serves queer teens in collaboration with the local community. Nestled between Salt Lake City and Provo in north Utah County, we find groups for and led by queer teens and provide tangible and emotional support. We raise money to purchase supplies for their projects, clubs, and organizations. We partner with local businesses and allies. We use our connections and funds to provide social events, share resources to educate the local populace on queer terminology and queer life, and go to local community events to raise acceptance of our community’s queer young people. We also share local resources through our website for queer teens and their families.

In order to get in contact with Queer Community Allies, please email us: contact@queercommunityallies.org. You can also message us through our social media pages.

We are often asked why start an organization at all, when Salt Lake City and Provo offer so many wonderful resources. That is exactly why we started – because for many families we’ve met, driving to SLC or Provo is unfeasible due to mileage, lack of public transport, and/or time. It is even more unfeasible for youth living in unaffirming homes. We wanted a mobile organization that could reach these teens and families from Eagle Mountain to Cedar Hills.

We are also asked why we chose the word “Queer” for our name. Like many, we belong to a younger generation that has reclaimed the term and love it for encompassing evolving self-definition/self-exploration and as an umbrella term for not hetersexual-heteroromantic. Also, a lot of the teens we know use it, so it’s a way to resonate with them. We know many people hate the word, associate it with slang or derision, and/or associate it with certain political positions or cultural backgrounds. There’s definitely a broad range of approaches to the word. We love this article that shares many perspectives on the term Queer. Them.com What Does “Queer Mean? 9 LGBTQ+ People Explain How They Love, Hate, And Understand The Word “Queer”

Our 2021-2022 Board

  • Christine Hubbard (she/her/hers), President
  • Chanelle Christensen (she/her/hers), Vice President
  • Lacy Fife (she/her/hers), Secretary
  • Dave DeLong (he/him/his)

Contact us if you want to get involved! We are currently a tiny organization with limited volunteer opportunities aside from joining the board to organize efforts. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our service opportunities are even more limited. We welcome adults 18+ who can pass a background check and who are creative and willing to devote a few hours each month.

We have existed for almost three years and to date have raised almost $6,000 in donations.

From our Articles of Incorporation:

Without limiting the generality of the forgoing, the Corporation is organized to:
(a) Provide education for parents and allies of queer children;
(b) Facilitate a support network for queer kids within their local area, specifically by providing support for GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance clubs in local high schools;
(c) Facilitate the creation of social connections in a safe space for queer kids and their allies

Our EIN is 84-2519026