Local GSA Support

We support GSAs (gay straight alliances/gender sexuality alliances; student-led with a teacher-staff-counselor advisor) in local high schools. Reach out via email or our social media pages @QueerCommunityAllies if you are part of a local GSA looking for help. #AdoptaGSA

  • {Game Library} We loan out games for 2 months at a time. You can reserve them ahead of time. Please take the best care of them you can so we can pass them along to other GSAs after you. * Wizard School * Scooby Doo Clue * Encore * Oregon Trail * Legends of the Hidden Temple (Nickelodeon) * Malarky * Cranium * Cranium Turbo Edition
  • {Book Library} FAM Utah gave us a bunch of books to share! (high school grade level titles) * If You Could Be Mine (Farizan) * Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda (Albertalli) * Felix Ever After (Callender) * Dreadnought (Daniels) * a rainbow coloring book
  • {Button Maker} A wonderful community member donated a pin-back button maker! Reach out, send us a design, and we can drop off up to 50 completed buttons We used to visit schools and let you do the process, but we are stretched thin with volunteers right now
  • {Care package} It could have a mix of anything we have on-hand; a mix of snacks, flags, buttons, face masks, or stickers
  • {Craft Supplies} Some ideas: rock painting, watercolors, pipe clears, beading bracelets, washi tape, gingerbread houses, pumpkin painting, collages
  • {Laminated small signs from SafeSpaceUT} A rainbow-colored circle with text ‘You are safe welcome valued heard wanted respected here’ on one side and letter from Utah State Board of Education on the other side ‘RE: Clarification of Recent Changes to R277-474-3, School Instruction and Human Sexuality, General Provisions.’
  • {Names of local businesses} that we know are affirming who might be interested in sponsoring your GSA on an ongoing basis
  • {Guest visits from local affirming adults} More difficult to fill right now, with the global pandemic
  • {An idea of your own!} Puzzles, nail polish, lgbtqia+ history, soda & snacks, display flags for school events…

GSA Collaboration

Timpview GSA teen leaders organized and hosted an inter-GSA meet in spring 2021! They did an amazing job! We were so happy to support by providing dinner for everyone there.

Queer Community Allies is committed to supporting inter-GSA networking and socializing. It’s our goal to always have funding to help these events along.

In spring 2020, we helped get plans moving for an inter-GSA event where teens could meet, share ideas and make new friends. The event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak and school closures. We thank Mountain View administration for being supportive of their GSA hosting, Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes for offering donation discount codes, Flourish Therapy for offering an activity, and Mama Dragons for being willing to provide a parent booth.

Classroom Decor & Educator Supplies

Teachers ask us for buttons to have available for faculty, friends and students and ask for posters, stickers and flags for their classrooms. If you’re a teacher who would like some items, reach out! We’d be happy to gift you some!

Community ally with a favorite teacher friend? Consider purchasing some swag from our online shop QueerCommunityAllies at as a back-to-school gift.

Community ally who wants to support? Include a “classroom decor” note with a donation to Queer Community Allies, and we’ll make sure that goes to supplies for a great local teacher.

Community Events

We love going to Pride, joining other organizations at various city community nights, being involved with other local youth efforts, and hosting events to talk with educators and parents who want to learn more about supporting their queer family members, students, and comunity youth.

Community Swag

We love sharing swag from our neighbor organizations! Thank you Pride Center, HRC Utah, Equality Utah, and Encircle for giving us calendars, chapstick, stickers, pamphlets, flags, glow bracelets, and more to distribute to our teens and at local events. We love seeing rainbow swag around town!